14 May 2011

Betonilha....Cement for the floor

A instalacao do piso radiante ja esta praticamente concluida, so falta acabar a cave que devera ser terminada na proxima semana. Entretanto ja se comecou a aplicar a betonilha por cima do piso radiante, estando quase finalizado no r/c e mezanino. A seguir sera a aplicacao da madeira nestas duas area, prevista para meio de Junho, mas antes disso ainda iremos testar o piso radiante e simultanamente eliminar a humidade da betonilha de modo a estar completamente seca antes da aplicacao da madeira.
The instalation of the underfloor heating is almost finished. Only the basement is missing and should be finalized mid next week.In the meanwhile  we have started already the application of the cement for the floor (not sure how to translate this from portuguese) on top of the underfloor heating, being almost finalized on the groud floor and mezanine.. after it will be a wood floor in this 2 areas, planned for mid june, but before that we will test the underfloor heating system  and at the same time  this test will make sure the cement will be absolutelly dry before the application of the wood floor.

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